Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Week's Harvest

I am freezing the big tomatoes to Can

I am drying the grape and yellow tomatoes

And I am going to eat those yummy carrots!

Weird Tomato of the Week

Weird Tomato of the Week

Potatoes at 95 Days

Pumpkin Patch at 95 Days

I noticed something wrong with the pumpkin that I have been keeping track of...........

A damn cucumber beetle is eating our pumpkin!!!

Melon Patch at 95 Days

Here is our sad little melon patch.
The cucumber beetles have done it in.
All of the melons are eaten on or rotting.
Damn Beetles!

Pole Beans at 95 Days

The Japanese Beetles hit the Beans pretty hard.
There are hardly any beans on the Vines!
Damn Beetles!

Carrots and Peppers at 95 Days

Tomatoes and Kale at 95 Days

*Blueberries have been transplated in to Containers.

Garden at 95 Days

Garden at 95 Days

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Week's Harvest

This week's Harvest

Potatoes at 88 Days

Pumpkin Patch at 88 Days

Melon Patch at 88 Days

Look at our sad Melon Patch. The cucumber beetles really did a number on them.
Sara cleaned out some of the dead plants in hopes to save the Melons!

Pole Beans at 88 Days

Peppers and Carrots at 88 Days

Tomatoes, Kale and Blueberries at 88 Days

Tomatoes at 88 Days

Garden at 88 Days

Garden at 88 Days