Friday, October 31, 2008

October Independence

October 2008 Independence Summary

Planting, Harvesting & Preserving
Strawberry Jam - 7 Jelly Jars
Grape Jelly - 7 Jelly Jars
Orange Juice Jelly - 7 Jelly Jars
Banana Jam - 7 Jelly Jars
Dill Pickles- 8 Quarts
Sauerkraut- 10 Quarts
Steak Sauce- 3 pints
Tomatoes- 5 Quarts Tomato Sauce
4 Quarts Spiced Tomato Sauce
4 Quarts Tomato Halves
Carrot Pepper Salsa- 5 Pints
Green Tomato Hodge Podge- 3 pints, 1 Quart
Pickled Green Tomatoes- 1 pint, 1 Quart
Applesauce- 6 Pints
Apple Butter- 8 Jelly Jars

Strawberries- 6 Quarts
Blueberries- 2 Pints
Green Beans- 3 pints
Carrots- 7 pints

Dried Veggie Seasoning- 1 pint
Beef Jerky- 1 pint
Tomatoes- 5 Jelly Jars
Candy- Loupe - (Dried Candied Cantaloupe)
Green Peppers

Preparedness & Planning –
Reading information on how to prepare for and reduce risk of Pandemic Flu
Changed Water in our 55 Gallon Emergency Water Container
Researching Alternative Cooking methods

Managing household & reserves –
Rotating Stockpiled Foods- Eating the replenishing.
Cleaned and prepared Furnace for Winter

Keeping it Local –
Eating food from our Garden
Buying from Local Farmers and Farmers Markets

Learned New Skill or Tried Something New –
Canning Class- End of Season Harvest
My first ever, homemade from scratch Apple Pie!!
Making Applesauce and Apple Butter

Misc. & Handcrafting -
Researching and reading articles and books on survival, homesteading and back to basic skills.
Incorporating new skills, practices and methods into day to day life.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good Night, Garden

Last week we had a couple frost's and a hard freeze. So the Garden is done producing now.

We still have to plan a work day to put the beds to rest for the winter. The plan is to cover the beds with leaves to compost over the winter.

Projects we will be working on this winter include:
Layout for next year's Garden
Organic Pest Control Methods
Companion Planting

Good Night, Garden. See you in the Spring.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Applesauce and Apple Butter

Guess what I did today?

I made 6 Pints of Applesauce

and 8 Jelly Jars of Apple Butter.

Thanks for the Apples, Sara!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Apple Pie

Apples straight from the Orchard
Thanks Sara!

My pretty pie.......ready to go in the oven.

My first ever, homemade from scratch Apple Pie!!

Next up......Applesauce!