Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pixie Crunch at Gurney's- A family favorite!

Pixie Crunch Apple Tree
Sweeter than 'Honeycrisp'

Gurney's Choice U.S. Patent No. 13871. A cut above the rest for fresh-from-the-tree flavor. Pixie Crunch Apple Tree has breaking crispness which "explodes" in your mouth, like Honeycrisp, only sweeter! Children prefer it over any other apple. Bears reliable crops beginning in its third season and continues each year, even in years with late frosts. Matures late August.

Zones: 5-8.

Buying Options Pixie Crunch Apple Tree - Standard 2-4 Feet
Price: 1 - $26.95
2 or more - $25.50

Pixie Crunch Apple Tree - Standard Deluxe
Price: 1 - $33.95
2 or more - $32.50

Pixie Crunch - Li’l-BIG 2-3 ft
Price: 1 - $44.95
2 or more - $43.50

Pixie Crunch Apple Tree - Lil' BIG Deluxe
Price: 1 - $51.95
2 or more - $50.50

Product Details
Zones: 5 - 8 (-10° F.)
Height: 22 - 25'
Spacing: 20' all directions
Depth: Graft or bud union should be just above the soil line. Look for plant depth indicator.
Sun/Shade: Sun
Pollinator: Liberty, Indian Summer, Snowdrift, Pristine
Yield: 10+ bushels
Color: Medium Red
Blooms: Early to Mid season
Fruit: Is medium red, medium size (with proper thinning) elongated round in shape. Flavor is super sweet, incredibly crisp and very juicy.
Comments: U.S. Patent No. 13871 A newly named Exclusive from Purdue. It was introduced in 2001. The tree is a small sized version of Rome Beauty and easily managed. Quick to bear, annually productive like Goldrush. The texture is similar to Honeycrisp but this one is much sweeter.
Pixie Crunch Apple Tree Ships In The Spring

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