Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am a Rain Harvester and Worm Farmer

I am a Rain Harvester and Worm Farmer.

I had Hubs fix up the down spouting to drain into a 5 gallon bucket. It is right by the Container Garden so it is easy to water the plants with the rain water. Cool....Huh?!?!

Now for the Worm Farmer part. My Sister in Law, Sara, is giving me a Worm Composting Bin!!! I have been reading up on the tips, tricks and trades of Worm Farming and I think I am ready! I have been using a Worm Poop Plant Food Product and my plants really like it. I can wait to get my own Worm Poop Juice and Compost!! I pick up the Worms today!

Ok.... I know..... I am a little weird..... excited about Worm Poop and all.

Thank you Spring Hill Nursery

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