Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pole Beans at 46 Days

Bed 1 Pole Beans

Bed 2

Japanese Beetles. Hate them!!

Any tips for getting rid of them?

Here is one that I found:

FRUIT COCKTAIL-You can buy Japanese-beetle traps of all sorts, but most are no more effective in trapping these pests than a can of fruit cocktail. Open the can and let it sit in the sun for about a week to ferment. Then stand it on bricks or wood blocks in a light-colored pail. Fill the pail with water to just below the top of the can and put it about 25 feet from the plants you want to protect. The beetles,attracted to the sweet and potent bail, will fall into the water and drown. (If rain dilutes the fruit cocktail, you'll have to start anew.)

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